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Hot Tamale Co. is hiring dedicated team members for our markets and delivery person for Restaurant. Apply now!

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A group of people living together in one place, esp. one practicing common ownership
All the people living in a particular area or place: "local communities".
Synonyms:society - commune - public
Our primary goal is to open a full service restaurant that will stimulate, and support our neighboring farms, college, commuters and community. We'd also like to stay as green as possible by using reclaimed wood and items to fashion our vintage cantina meets Vermont environment.  We are a dedicated "Localvore" and member of the "Farm to Table" movement whose vision is "simple but powerful: to make available to all members of our society food which is fresh, healthy, grown in a sustainable manner, benefiting the local economy, connecting us to our neighbors and to the soil itself."

Secondly, we have established a loyal following for our signature Mango, Verde, Casa & Hot Mamma salsas and would love to package our products and hand made tortillas so that we can deliver them to those who cannot visit our restaurant. We'd like to extend our geographic reach as far as we possibly can. We feel that putting the Vermont stamp of approval in stores will increase awareness of the value of goods that can come out of our neighbor's yards and back into our homes. By placing high quality items on shelves and ultimately in the mouths of our families, we believe we can help support the movement that is taking over our nation, illustrating the necessity of organic farm raised food. 

Hot Tamale Co. is cooking up authentic Mexican food every day and keeping our farmers, artists, students, and families growing. We need your help to become something greater...larger...more fulfilling...and more able to contribute back.

-The Hot Tamale Co. Team
We're trying to stay green! Donate old barn wood or hardware & receive a plaque with your name on one of our tables that we've used your wood to create!